Getting on the road Denver, Colorado

As many of you know this past November I decided to leave my job to spend some time traveling and skiing. It was not an easy decision. I’ve experienced many days of anxiety since that time, questioning whether or not I’m doing what I want, and asking myself if this is worth it. I’m 36 years old, what am I doing? Shouldn’t I be settled down by now? Maybe, but at the same time, why shouldn't I do this if I have the opportunity?

It was on Thanksgiving day that I gave my notice at work. My last day working there was on December 15th. I planned on packing up in December and getting on the road by January. But I loved living in Denver, I’d made great friends there, and I felt an attachment to the place.

I still had my apartment through the beginning of February until my lease was up. Week after week I said, “I’ll get going soon.” I spent time chasing powder days in Colorado and finding reasons to stay around. I had some great days of skiing at Copper, Steamboat, Monarch, Arapahoe Basin, and Winter Park. (Trip reports to come on those)

Friends would ask, “When are you going?” And I never had an answer other than “soon.” It became clear that I was hesitating.
11 days ago, that time finally came came, and on the evening of February 7th I drove out of Denver. I was pretty emotional, and walking out of the apartment I lived in for 5 years was tough. I started driving east and stayed the night in Limon, Colorado.

I woke up early on February 8th and as I drove across Eastern Colorado towards Kansas I got to see a stunning sunrise, those of you who live in Colorado know what I mean, it was one of those spectacular mornings. Worth being up early for. 

My initial plan was to try to ski as many of the mountains on the M.A.X. Pass as possible ( 44 mountains all over North America. What a road trip, right? But, this was about much more than just skiing or visiting 44 ski areas. As time passed in Colorado I realized that I wouldn’t be visiting all of them anymore, so I since re-adjusted my plan a bit, and I’m sure I will again and again as time goes by.

During the time I stayed in Denver I also minimized my life, all of my belongings were packed into my truck, just what I need. I brought my dog home to my family for the next few months, and I will miss him, but it’s what’s best at the moment.

This blog will be about my experiences, challenges, and trip reports from the people I meet and the places I visit along the way. I look forward to sharing them with you.