Toronto and Blue Mountain Ontario February 18th - 20th

Once I made the decision to turn west in the Adirondacks and skip most of the skiing the Northeast, I knew that I’d be heading through part of Canada. Given that it was a holiday weekend, pretty much every ski area in the northeast was packed so I headed to Toronto. The timing was good, as it turned out one of my favorite DJs was playing an all night warehouse party in Toronto that weekend. I decided to head there for the party before continuing on.

Even at this point, I was still considering staying east. I spent a bit of time looking at the snow reports for the season and deciding where I would go. I considered looping back and heading to Tremblant, QC. (Fun side note I’ll share in another post, skiing near Montreal was one of my first times skiing ever, perhaps thats what was drawing me back there?)

I arrived in Toronto the evening of Feb 18th and wanted to get a little bit of rest before going out. The party was supposed to be from 10pm until 8am. The underground music scene there is awesome. I got there around 11pm and the place was just warming up. I was lucky enough to meet with Tim and he introduced me to many of his friends. I had a great time, and the music was awesome. He went on around 3am, you can hear the first hour of his set here. So good. I’d recommend checking out his podcast, even if the music isn’t your style, his words of inspiration are worth listening to.

The following day it rained the entire day, I spent a lot of time wandering around Toronto. I didn’t have a specific destination in mind, I just wanted to check things out. I walked around city hall and the Easton Center. I walked around the ice rink, just spent time thinking and enjoying the rain. I thought that it might be colder in the mountains, and perhaps that meant snow. I headed up to Blue Mountain, ON.

When I arrived there, it was still raining. Not ideal for skiing, but it’s always fun when you can slide down a hill on skis. The clouds cleared a little bit, just enough to get some spectacular views of the Georgian bay. Amazing, skiing right down the street from the beaches, it’s beautiful. After a while, my gear was soaked through and I had to head in. But, my home is my truck. So I found a spot in town to get a bite and a couple of beers while I wrote, I ended up at Northwinds Brewpub. I had a great dinner there before settling in again for the night. Next stop, Michigan.