California and Oregon Coast drive March 12th

Leaving Sacramento I had a couple of choices for my route to Oregon. I wasn't in a rush, so I opted to drive along the California coast line. I looked at the estimated drive time and figured I’d make it to Bend late that evening. I didn’t take into account just how many times I would want to stop along the way. Only a couple of miles in land, and I was surrounded by Redwoods so tall they felt like buildings in Manhattan. Then I turn a corner and arrive on these beautiful coastlines. As I headed in land, there are twists and turns through the trees.

The following morning I continued on through Oregon. I drove past Crater Lake and through the Deschutes National Forest. More incredible forestry. Long roads through the woods that felt like tunnels. As I drive further inland and gained elevation the scenery went from very green to snow covered. Here's a cool video I took from that drive.