It’s time to turn back

I’ve struggled with this decision, I’ve driven all the way to Alaska, and there is every reason in the world I should stay up here. It’s beautiful, there’s the small town feel I’ve been searching for, and the possibility for outdoor adventures is endless. There’s so much more to experience, I’ve only explored the Kenai Peninsula, and this state is huge and full of beauty. There is so much more, but at the same time, I’ve learned what I’ve wanted from this trip. I’ve experienced more incredible places than I could have ever, ever imagined. I’ve pushed through when it’s been hard, and found more about what I really want to do.
Trust me, my life of travel is far from finished. More than ever I’m excited to head over seas. I plan on finding somewhere tropical for a week or 2 before settling back into work. (Hawaii, Costa Rica, Bermuda, Belize, suggestions?) After all, I’ve been camping in the cold for months. I have to treat myself to some beach time.
I’ve loved the places I’ve visited, Bend, Oregon, Bozeman, Montana, and a couple of places in Alaska made my list of places I’d love to stay for a while. But there is something about Denver I truly miss.
When I left New York City in 2011, I told myself that I could always go back. I left there and I missed my friends, but I didn’t miss the lifestyle. This time it feels a lot different, I left a community of people that I love. 
But, I was also unhappy, right? Well, yes, part of me was very unhappy. I’ll admit it, I felt stuck, I was stuck. I wasn’t moving ahead in my life, like I couldn’t go where I wanted to. Just going through the motions day after day to sustain the life I’d become accustomed to. And in my spare time, escaping the city to do what I loved. Spend time in the mountains and enjoying the outdoors.
I was just on the phone with my friend Wil, and he said, “Choose to do things that bring you joy, the more that you experience, the more you can pass on.” I couldn’t agree more. So I’m going to come back and hopefully bring the same joy I’ve experienced over the last few months to others. I’ll be taking the scenic route back and it will take me some time to get settled again, plus, I’d love any suggestions you all have for a tropical destination to fly to before I come back. But, Colorado, I’m coming home. Can’t wait to see you all soon. ETA, TBD.