Where do I go from here?

Ski season will be ending soon, and with the exception of some places like Squaw Valley, CA and  Arapahoe Basin, CO most resorts close in a few weeks. Does that mean the end of my trip is approaching? I'm having a hard time with that... perhaps? And if thats the case, where do I go? While a big part of this trip was about skiing, that was only part of it. Something which was much more important was to find some things about myself that have been perhaps easy to ignore in more comfortable environments. I’ve certainly been outside of it for a couple of months. While it’s been a relatively short amount of time, I certainly have learned a lot. Why do I feel so far from being done though? Am I meant to settle somewhere? Or will I keep exploring? And if so, where do I go?

I have a few ideas in mind. I've considered getting a one way ticket to somewhere warm, learning how to surf. Or maybe backpacking Europe, perhaps now is my chance to go back and spend the time I wanted to when I briefly visited there 10 years ago? Someone even suggested the idea of packing up my skis and going to ski in South America for the summer. Hmmm, an endless winter? All interesting options and for sure once in a lifetime experiences.

I've known of people who have left on journeys like this and have been living this way for years. My friend Carolina even wrote about them and has had the fortune of meeting many people like this. She was kind enough to mention me in this post. Perhaps I should continue on with this same mindset, "just do it."

There is no reason it has to end. From a financial standpoint, I have to begin working again at some point, I mean, it has been 4 months since I left my job... but what will I do for a living this time around? I'd love to be in business for myself, I have the knowledge, the experience, theres no reason not to. But where? Can I work remotely and on the go? That was my initial plan, and that’s still my plan if I can make that work.

Last night I was on the phone with my Mom, talking about my plans for the next leg of this trip. She's concerned, and she has every reason to be, after all, I’m already pretty far and I’m turning north to go much farther. I also know I'm also being cautious and I'm as prepared as I can be for wherever I'm headed next. Still, I can’t decide if it’s fear holding me back, or if I’m just being cautious. If it’s fear, I’d better get over it quick.

Right after our call, I met another person in the lot camping in their truck like I have been. It's his 3rd ski season traveling and camping like this. He's visited around 40 resorts this year, while I'm at around 20. He said he was around 20 on his first year doing this. At least I'm off to a good start. One thing we both found, there are very few ski resorts where the "ski culture" is alive. Most places have become unaffordable for most, and 

As for ski areas to left to visit this season, the timing and my options are running out, with the exception of a few places. Again, this isn't all about the skiing. I'm still working on another post about how I got here, but at the moment, my question isn't how did I get here, it's where do I go? And with that, I have the following options at the moment:

For right now, I want to stick to my initial plan. The drive to Anchorage, Alaska is about 2100 miles from here, 38 hours. This time of year the days are getting exponentially longer, and I'd be arriving right at the incredible time when you can watch winter change to spring in days. And how often in your lifetime will I have the opportunity to drive the Alaska Highway? Shouldn't I do this while I have the chance? I think if I don't at the point, I'll always wish that I had. Is it me being cautious, or fearful? And what am I afraid of?

I could turn back south and be back in Colorado in about 2 days. Heck, if I wanted to I could be back there this weekend. I could even go skiing there next week. Colorado friends, thoughts? I'm not done yet, and if I turned back now I'll wish I had visited elsewhere.

California was also amazing and I wasn't there long enough. I could go back and spend a bit more time driving down the coast. I'd be happy to do that again and take an even longer route this time around. Squaw has already announced that they are opened until Memorial Day, spring skiing anyone?

Hmmm, and the last, perhaps riskiest option? Put whatI have left in storage (ski gear etc), pack what I need in a backpack, and get on a flight. But, not a ski destination, I'm thinking somewhere comepletely new, even farther outside of my comfort zone. I'm totally open to suggestions, tropical, hiking, backpacking, hmmm. In looking at my map, yesterday I realized that I've visited almost every state in the US, only have 7 left I haven't been to. I'm ready to head overseas, and far, but where?

As drawn as I am to visiting and skiing in Alaska, I'm also somewhat intrigued by these other options. The question now isn't "What would you do if you were in my shoes" It's what am I meant to do? And the only person that can really answer that is me. So, I’m asking myself, where do I go from here?