It's good to be back in Colorado

I haven't posted in a while, at first it was because I was going non stop since leaving Alaska. I've also been sorting through my writing and photos, as well as enjoying my time with friends since getting back to Denver.

I left Talkeetna, AK on May 2nd, then spent an evening in Fairbanks before driving back to the lower 48. I took the scenic route through British Columbia, then along the Pacific Northwest coast, and got to spend some time visiting my sister in Oregon and California along the way. Tons to share about that part of the trip.

Since I’ve returned to Colorado, many have asked what my favorite part of this trip has been. That’s hard to decide because there are so many spectacular places I saw and experienced along the way. There are many more stories to be told, and it is a work in progress.

I think that the most memorable part of this whole experience has been the people I've met. And not just in my travels, but the amazing individuals who encouraged me to do this in the first place. It's so great to be spending time with them again. While there have been incredible sights, it's even more enjoyable when I've been able to share those moments with others. Take for example the moments on my trip I shared here: Turnagain Pass and Byron Glacier

Everyday since I’ve returned, I've been asking myself, what next? Well, I’ve been looking for work, but now I only want to do something if I believe it is meaningful. Time is the most valuable gift we have and I don’t want to spend mine doing something I don’t love. Or at least knowing that I’m taking steps towards whatever that dream may be. A quote I posted a couple of months ago from one of my favorite DJs,  “What have you done today to take one step closer to your dream?” It’s a good one to keep in mind, and I’m trying to remind myself of that. 

Am I successful in it everyday? No, and I don’t think that anyone could be. But if we wake up and consider our goals early on, or take a few minutes to meditate, or to consider what we want to accomplish, I can almost promise that you’ll feel great about something you do that day.